Robots as People! Connecting with Higher Education through Telepresence

Today I went on a journey to find valuable relationships with higher education professionals in an attempt to build growth for my immersive classroom. California State University, San Bernardino was gracious enough to listen to what I had to say. Thank you Dr. Michael Chen and the Technology Staff for showing me the Double Robotics robot.

Double Robotics is the creator of Double, the world’s leading telepresence robot. Double helps telecommuters feel more connected to their colleagues by giving them a physical presence where they can’t be in person, whether it’s the office, classroom, or conference.

Backed by the prestigious Y Combinator startup accelerator in 2012, Double Robotics began shipping in May 2013. The founders include David Cann, a designer and iOS developer, and Marc DeVidts, an electrical/embedded systems engineer. The company is located in Burlingame, California.

I look forward to seeing what we may be able to accomplish through the use of the immersive technology in my classroom as well as the technology available at CSUSB.


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